Welcome to Meiners J-town HardwareJ-town Hardware is still the J-town Hardware you’ve come to love. We have been a part of J-town history for many years.

Many of the same faces you know and love are still here. The same nostalgic feel remains, including the wooden floors that are still creaking! We’re stocking the same items and offering the usual repair services, except that we’ve added even more.

There have been a few changes since it’s become Meiners J-town Hardware, most notably the store ownership changed and is now owned by Cindy and Tim Meiners. Tim is the owner of Meiners Electric and part of the Meiners family. The Meiners family has been a part of Louisville history for many decades. Tim is one of 14 children and is a big believer in family and community. He plans to bring that same feeling of “One Big Family” to J-town Hardware.

photo1At Meiners J-town Hardware, we’ll use our website, blog and other tools to introduce you to our team here. Many of the faces are ones you’ve come to know, however, we have added some new faces as well.

Tim Meiners is viewing this business as a genuine chance to serve the J-town community. He comes from a service business so he knows that quality, timely customer service is the lifeblood of business.

We take our service serious, along with the quality of the products we sell. Let’s have fun together for your home, yard and business projects. We truly look forward to helping our J-town community!

We want you to feel right at home at J-town Hardware. If you’ve been coming for years, it’s nice to meet you if we haven’t met already. If you’re new to the area, please stop by. Don’t make it just an errand. Make it an experience! We’ll have plenty of creative things for our community of local customers, vendors, suppliers, fans, friends and our Hardware Team. Contact us today with any questions or feedback. We appreciate you and thank you for your business!

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